Beauty Abounds.

‘A timeless piece of craftsmanship is the ultimate connection of the human and natural world.’

From my hands to yours, ceramics made to become a part of your home. Tactile beauty from our earth, creating connection and grounding us.

To share, to enjoy and to love | Timeless pieces.

Having spent the last 15+ years creating + making within the incredible medium that is clay, it is truely special to over these years become apart of many homes and my pieces be apart of your everyday lives.

Designed with function + beauty, my aim always to seek new ways and forms to adapted to each individuals style and desires.

The final pieces that you recieve have been made with my entire heart and fierce love for the art form that is ceramics. From the wheel, my hands, through kiln firings and finally to you, each creation is unique.

Enjoy - B x


The Hands | The Process | The Beauty