About BB

About BB

Having spent the last 15+ years creating + making within the incredible medium that is clay, it is truely special to over these years become apart of many homes and my pieces be apart of your everyday lives. It is equally as special to see the continual growth and learning I continue to experience every single day as an artist. 

Designing with function + beauty, my aim always to seek new ways and forms to adapt to each individuals style and desires. As the years have gone by my range has grown, now it is a collection that is forever changing and evolving taking place in an array of areas across your homes.

Working and living amongst the bushland setting in country Victoria, Australia - I feel so grateful to have a slice of natures divine landscape to create within.

I can't help but continue to marvel, that we can find natural materials and take them through these various stages to create a very hard and permanent vessel that can display and express history, expression, beauty, duality and all the things I think that are really important in our world today.

The final pieces that you recieve has been made with my entire heart and fierce love for the art form that is ceramics. From the wheel, my hands, through kiln firings and finally to you, each creation is unique.

Most of all thank you, thank you for your support and love shown fro BB over the years. Being able to work within an area i love and are so passionate about is something i am continually grateful for.

Bridget x

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