Ceramic Care

Bridget Bodenham is a collection of pieces which are all hand made ceramic forms, each having their own quirks and story.

We do ask you please keep in mind each piece is slightly different which is all a part of what makes BB creations so special, some details may have a slight difference but that's what makes each piece unique.

We strongly recommend across our entire range that you hand wash and do not use in the microwave to provide your pieces a long life span. However if your piece has either Gold or Platinum luster - It is not safe to use in either mircowave or dishwasher.

Bridget has designed the pieces you own in your homes to enjoy and use daily over days, weeks and years to come. Bringing you a little ceramic joy across the home. Please note that sometimes luster does wear off slightly and crazing can begin but we see this as apart of the hand made ceramic experience, natural wear over time. It is all completely normal and shows your deep love for you pieces as we want them to be the forms you reach for daily!

Most of all enjoy and thank you, your pieces were made with a whole lot of love and dedication to the ceramic art form - x