Brunch with Bridget

Brunch with Bridget

Not quite breakfast and not quite lunch!

The best meal of the day if you ask us, paired with a coffee made with our favourite stove top machine from Alternative Brewing Co. is the perfect combination.

We often recieved a number of questions in relation to our coffee machine so for those wondering it is the Bellman Espresso Maker + Steamer which we bought from Alternative brewing co. (Image from - ALternative Brewing Co.)

A simple porriage seems to be the go to often however a good pancake or toastie also a hit. Topped with all the condiments from seasonal fruits/berries, toasted muesli, honey and if you are feeling extra fancy a pouring of cream. 

It is always the biggest joy to walk through the process of making + creating our ceramic products to then enjoy them for days, months and years to come. Featured in the image above is our classic flower bowl which we can absolutely see why it is a crowd favourite, so fun but also incredibly practical for any meal of the day. They fall in the category of a bowl but with their more open design take on a slight shallow plate form also whioch is a wonderful way to serve your favourite saucy dishes.

Our small dishes range in our collection in a variety of unique forms such as clouds, mini flower bowls, shallow oval/circle bowls and crescent shapes. We feel there is an endless use for these pieces as they take place in many rooms across the home. For salt + pepper, your rings on your bedside or even a spoon rest.

Fueling your body in a way that works for you is essential, as they say 'Health is Wealth! 

Of course serving and enjoying your favourite meals in your favourite BB pieces makes it just a little extra special and to be apart of your day to day is also a preety special thing! 

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