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bridget bodenham

Ally + Arlo | The Animal Vase Duo

Ally + Arlo | The Animal Vase Duo

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Ally + Arlo | Soft Matte Glaze | The Animal Vase Duo | Wheel Thrown by Bridget Bodenham

8 x 12 cm + 10 x 6cm | Hand Wash Only

A Bridget Bodenham original, a collection with each being one-of-a-kind and all hand formed by Bridget. To enjoy simply as the form they are or to pop a few stems of your favourite bloom or grasses!

Care information

  • Hand wash only. No dish washer.
  • Do not microwave.
  • Keep in mind each piece is slightly different which is all a part of what makes Bridget Bodenham creations so special, some details may have a slight difference but that's what makes each piece unique
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